Connecting Some Pieces - Resources

Connecting Some Pieces
August 15, 2018

With a new school year soon upon us, let’s take a moment to highlight a few resources that may assist in the planning of elementary and secondary physical education programs.  Consider how you may use and/or modify these resources to fit your needs and those of the students.  GYM works to provide supports to educators, physical activity leads, and community leaders.  Please connect with us through social media to receive future posts or to request further support. 

            Connecting Games to Outcomes
            Movement Skills Grades 1 to 5
            Movement Variables
            Outcomes at a Glance
            Starting Point

Video Resources
            Rethinking Primary PE
            Instant Activities
            Cooperative Games
            Teaching with a Purpose

            Holistic Rubrics - Grade 1 to 5, Grade 6 to 8, Grade 9
            Encouraging Participation
            Assessing Fitness, Not Testing Fitness
            Assessing Movement Skills Grades 1 to 5

            PHE Canada Move Think Learn



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