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Rethinking Primary Physical Education
June 11, 2018

The following video contains excerpts of a PD session with K-3 physical educators.  The intent of the session was to engage participants in movement experiences that used physical education equipment from various vendors allowing primary students the opportunity to enhance fundamental movement skills and movement variables, while working on sending to a target.


Within the video, a number of pieces of equipment are referenced and used.  Each item has been included in the following list with a link to the vendor from which it was purchased.   

Hoop Standz
Number Play Target
SKLZ Agility Trainer Pro
Starter Tennis Balls
Stryke 'N Score Bowling
Target Pop-up Goal
Teddy Ball Fleece Balls

The games within the video are just a few ideas on how to use this equipment.  Of course, the only limiting factors to using equipment are safety and one’s imagination.  There are endless opportunities to add, change, or modify within all of these games to ensure all students are challenged and see success.

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