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August 25, 2017

As teachers prepare to begin the upcoming school year, we want to share some resources that will certainly assist with planning and assessment in physical education.  These highlighted resources are just a few of the growing number of supports for physical educators.  Follow us on Twitter and Like Us on Facebook to receive instant notification of new resources added to the Growing Young Movers website. 

Holistic Rubrics: Grade 1-5   Grade 6-8   Grade 9
Movement Skills Teacher Resource
Assessing Fitness, Not Testing Fitness
Play Tools from Canadian Sport for Life
Passport for Life from PHE Canada

Connecting Games to Outcomes
Outcomes at a glance - Grade 1-9
Teaching Games by Playing Games
Movement Skills for Grade 1-5
Movement Variables Poster Series
PHE Canada - Move, Think, Learn 

Coming Soon - Next post will provide a number of engaging activites that help with building a strong community, an essential component to a successful program.

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