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We are All Human!
May 3, 2016

Hi and welcome to my latest post.  Be sure to check out the Jolly Thoughts archives for past posts.

As teachers we know what it is like to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life.  I too find myself having to slow down and re-evaluate what I’m doing in my school life and my personal life.  I have had a lot of people say “I have just not had the time lately do physical activity in my classroom.”  Between report cards , discipline  issues, planning, marking and teaching, we forget to include some of the things that are most important to us.  I have found myself some days realizing that I was not the best teacher I could be.  I have also learned that it’s ok.

Remember that the most important things that you do, are the things that you do MOST of the time.  If they are important to you then you will try to include them in your daily routine as much as possible.  We all feel overwhelmed and feel that there are just not enough minutes in our day.  I have had days where my students have sat in their desks  all day long while I teach.  I have learned to reflect on each of my teaching days.  The days my students are not moving, I am not moving either and it affects all of our attitudes and achievements for the day.

If you are feeling this way take time to reflect.  Take a break and decide how you want to finish out your school year.  What is most important to you and your students and how are you going to achieve those goals?

I know you believe in the health and physical well-being of your students so find the time to make it a priority.

Here are 2 quick activities that you can do in your classroom  to get your students moving and thinking!

Human Knot  – Divide students into groups of 5 or more people.  They all need to hold hands but cannot hold the hand of someone beside them and cannot hold the same person’s two hands.  They then need to move and untangle themselves without letting go of each other. You can have groups race and try to beat each other or beat their previous time.

Hula Hoop Challenge - Divide students into groups of 5 or more and have them hold hands in a line.  Start the hula hoop at one end, and without letting go of each other, they need to work the hula hoop all the way down the line.  It is fun to have them join groups and have 2 big groups and then 1 large group and see how quickly they can do it!


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