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Spikeball lead-up games
April 12, 2016

Spikeball is a game that can be incorporated into your physical education program to help connect to tactics and strategies involved in net/wall games.  The many skills involved Spikeball allow opportunities for youth to develop movement skills such as volleying and striking with hands.   This video create with the help of University of Regina H.O.P.E. students, demonstrates a variety of lead-up activities that can be used to progress to full game play.  What happens if you do not have a Spikeball kit?  Many teachers have modified the activities shown by placing hula-hoops on the floor and using a variety of balls found in most equipment rooms.  It is important to note, the video illustrates this game being played 2 vs. 2 format.  However, many physical educators have found success using various team sizes including 3 vs. 3, 4 vs. 4, 2 vs. 3, and 3 vs. 4.  

Included is a list of progressions for future reference.


·      Blow chest pass with bounce
·      Above chest pass with bounce
·      Blow chest pass without bounce
·      Above chest pass without bounce
·      Combination of above and below chest pass
·      Below chest pass- alternate left and right hand
·      Below chest- with movement
·      Serve and catch


·      Serve & Catch
·      Serve & Catch (with movement)
·      Serve-Self Pass-Catch
·      Serve-Self Pass-Catch (with movement)
·      2 vs. 2 Serve-Pass to Partner-Catch
·      2 vs. 2 Serve-Pass to Partner-Catch (with movement)
·      2 vs. 2 Serve-Pass to Partner-Spike  

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