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Time to Settle Down
February 19, 2016

One of the biggest hesitations that teachers have to getting their students up and moving seems to be that the students get so wound up that they have trouble calming back down and starting to work again.  Some students definitely need more time or instruction on how to transition from movement time to work time, however the benefits of being active throughout the day are crucial to student’s attention and learning.

This week I had the pleasure of working with  Elissa Cooper from  Theraplay Pediatric Services.

When students are active in  many of our movement activities  it is focused on alerting the students using large vestibular movements which produce fun, high energy activities.  To assist the students in regulating to an optimum learning  level, it is important to end with incorporating smaller, more focused movements.

Within a  classroom  movement activity it is crucial to incorporate 3 main parts:

  1. Vestibular – Alerting, high energy movements

  • These are many of the games, dances and activities that you are probably already doing to get your students up, moving and having fun.  Check out previous blogs for some more fun movement ideas and resources.

  1. Proprioceptive – Organizing, heavy muscle work

  • These are activities such as yoga, plank, slow motion movements (running, squats, etc.), and chair push ups that slow the body down and make the students more aware of their movements, balance and surroundings.

  1. Tactile – Deep pressure paired with deep breathing

  • This is where students can focus on themselves, their breathing and prepare them to focus on the upcoming task.

Without each step many students are only able to handle the vestibular movement but then tend to have trouble getting ready to work.  The proprioceptive work is important to start the  slow down  process, as well as being aware of their bodies and how they move, whereas tactile is needed to refocus the brain.

Download a document created by  TheraPlay with more information on movement. 

The following video is from  Cheyney Kirzinger’s grade 1 class.  She has them do one of their  favourite videos from  Go Noodle then moves into slow motion running and squats, and ends with some deep breathing at their desks.


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