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Transition Time
January 27, 2016

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One of the many routines that we teach our students every year is how to walk properly through the hallways.  Students need to make sure that they are keeping their hands to themselves and not disrupting any other classes.   I think this is an important skill to teach students but can sometimes be an ongoing battle.

I teach my students the reasons we need to walk quietly in the hallways, especially if you are walking by many other classrooms.  I always let my students know that once we can master keeping our volume down in the hallways that we will be able to use the space for different movements.  Once students have begun using the hallways for movement skills, they are focused on the movement task rather than concentrating on the number of things they are not allowed to be doing in the hallways.

I know some people get excited about the idea, but are nervous about what other staff or administration may think.  Moving in the halls is not something that you would start with your class without any instruction.  It is a skill that needs to be taught just like anything else.  Once your students get the hang of moving in the hallways it will become something that you enjoy doing with your students, and hopefully other teachers will follow your lead!


Here are some fun ideas for getting those students moving in the halls!

1.     Crab Walk

2.     Hopping – Students love trying to hop on one foot, or both feet.  Also depending on what type of flooring it is, you could have them only touch a certain colour of tiles, or skip tiles or lines. 

3.     Tip Toe – This one is a great one to start with as kids usually associated tip toeing with being quiet.

4.     Lunges

5.     High knees

6.     Skipping

7.     Side shuffle

Here are some ideas of things that you can do while waiting in the hallways or just in a line up anywhere!

1.     Wall push ups

2.     Squats

3.     Rock, Paper, scissors

4.     Jogging on the spot

5.     Jumping jacks 

6.     Miss Mary Mac (video below) - you could also use this in class to incorporate movement)




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