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Energize Me
December 6, 2015

I hope everyone has been reading and using lots of the great resources which have been provided on the blog.  Many teachers have been asking for more resources and energizers.  This week I will provide two resources that can be used in your  classroom as well as a fun  and easy to follow energizer .

These kits can be ordered as a set or individually.  The kits can definitely be multi-functional to suit the needs in the gym or in a classroom.  I really like these kits because each skill is explained in pictures and words on a large laminated card. I have used these kits for a few years and they are still in great shape.  These cards give teachers movement ideas for in a small space.   The kits also come with a teacher’s guide to help explain skills and ways to assess.  I really like using them during in motion times and letting students take some leadership in their movement.


As teachers we hear about the movement skills students need to know but for many of us we don’t know what they are and what they should look like.  This resource breaks down each skill and explains the key points of each movement.  The resource also provides the information needed to know what grade level students should be able to perform a certain  movement skill.  I have used this in my room for in motion time where students can practice a certain skill around the classroomh ave a movement of the week that  students are to focus on inside and outside of school.  The checklists give students the information necessary to be able to self teach and modify  their movements as they learn.


Energizer – Snowball

For this game have students each crumple up a ball of scra p paper.  Have students  spread out around the classroom and yell sn owbal l fight.   Kids start throwing the balls of paper around the room. St op them every 30 seconds and have them stand by a snowball. Then instruct them to pick up the paper with different parts of their body (ex.  Foot and hand, knees, forehand and back of hand) Once everyone has it yell snowball fight again and then continue for as long as you like.



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