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What Can SPEA Do For Me?
October 10, 2015

SPEA is a provincial non-profit incorporated organization that provides quality leadership, advocacy and resources for professionals in physical and health education to positively influence the lifestyles of Saskatchewan's children and youth. The mission is to promote and support active healthy lifestyles through the development of physical education, recreation and sport at all levels of the educational system.

SPEA is a great resource and support not only for teachers who are physical education specialists, but for classroom teachers who want to incorporate more health and physical activity into their classrooms.

Becoming a member of SPEA means that you are part of a large community that can provide many great resources and support for teachers.  It is easy to apply and the cost is only $10 for the year.  Become a member today.

As a classroom teacher some of the best parts of being a member are:

1.     Having access to many great resource kits that I can use right in my classroom
2.     Emails regarding information and professional development that may be of interest to me.
3.     A conference once a year that has many great presentations and people to speak with about what I can be doing in my classroom.

Here are some of the great hands on resources that we have signed out and have been using in our school!                         

1.     Keeping Kids Active K-5 – This kit has many great pieces of equipment that students can do on their own during free time or for early finishers.  There are some great whole group alternatives to balls such as bean bags, soft discs, juggling scarves and rubber pigs.

2.     Sport Stacking with Speed Stacks K-12 – These are great to have in the classroom to use for a planned movement breaks.  It is a quick and ready to go activity that kids have lots of fun competing with each other or to use all on their own to practice beating their own time!

3.     Pedometer Kit K-12 – Having students of all grades wear these is an excellent way for students to track how much movement they are doing throughout the day.  Teachers love using these and incorporating them into math so students can track and graph their movement over multiple days!

4.     Moving to Inclusion K-12 – Although this kit in some ways needs a bit more supervision with younger students because of some of the hard equipment, there is such a variety of things that there is definitely something that will interest everyone to get active and play.

5.     NO GYM? NO PROBLEM! – This book has many great ideas for activities to do right in the classroom where space is often very limited.

Check out a full list of resources available through SPEA

Not from Saskatchewan!? No Problem! Check out the Council of Provinces and Territories for direct links to other associations across Canada.



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