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Tips for an Active Classroom
September 11, 2015

Welcome Back!

As you look at getting started or adding onto what you already do in your classroom here are some tips for success.

1.  Be Proactive and Plan! As teachers we know if we do not plan for a subject it usually does not get done or it does not get done very well.  Write what you plan to do for movement right into your day plan.  I have attached a copy of a sample day plan which shows when I do minutes of movement.  Even if it’s something as simple as following along to a dance video, write it down and have it ready to go. 

2.  Try not to wait until your students are getting antsy to get up and move.  Have regular scheduled movement and stick to it! One way to be accountable to yourself and students is to set a timer.  It might be for every 30 or 40 minutes.  That way no matter what you are doing, when the timer goes off you get up and active!

3.  Have a functional seating plan.  I know that class size can be an issue but try to arrange your desks so that students have more room to move.  The less clutter in your class the more space to get active

4.  Know where to find practical resources at your fingertips.  There are lots of great resources out there and it can be overwhelming.  Find out which ones are easiest for you to use and keep them handy.  Create a list! Pretty soon you will be able to remember lots of great energizers, so keep adding to a list and it will become your own personal resource.

5.  Ask for support and seek out professional resources and development.  If you are unsure of resources ask around your school.  Your administration might be able to help you with any resources or equipment you wish to purchase and your physical education teacher and consultant might be able to give you some great ideas and resources.  On each blog I will show a new energizer and throughout the weeks I will be highlighting some of my personal favourite resources and websites.

Remember to only do what you can commit to and do well.  Start small and keep adding to it.  The more movement the more results you will see from your students!

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