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Perceived Exertion
April 15, 2014

How often have you heard students or athletes say, “I am tired”?  As we work alongside children and youth around physical activity and physical fitness it is important to understand what tired really means.  The Rated Perceived Exertion (RPE) scale is not something that is new to physical educators or coaches.  We have simply offered a simplified version that works with a 5 level scale.  At different times, students/athletes will be at different levels.  The intent of the poster is to help children and youth reflect on the question, “What Level Am I At?”.  Ideally we would like to see students/athletes at level 4 rage when engaging in physical activities, however there will be times when level 3 or level 5 will the expectation.

You will find two poster options that you can download to print off and use.  Thank you to Naomi Hartl (@MissHartl) for helping design the primary poster.

What Level Am I At? – Primary

What Level Am I At? – Middle years or Secondary

Want to personalize your poster?  If you would like to add your school/team logo and colours to the middle years/secondary poster simply email us your logo and we will send you a personalized version.

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