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Assessing Fitness, not Testing Fitness
April 3, 2014

What do you remember about physical education?  When this question is posed, many adults respond with Fitness Testing. Why is this something that is remembered so vividly?  Was it a positive experience?  What was the purpose of the testing?  There is certainly merit to assessing fitness levels of students and athletes.  The key word is assessing.  The results of this formative assessment should guide future planning and shape goal setting.

Bev Robinson and Shelagh McCracken from the Calgary Board of Education created Fitness Assessment – An Inquiry Approach.  Fitness assessment needs to be an inquiry approach and not a means of 'testing'.  The document focuses on the following topics:

Sharing of ideas, research, strategies, fitness assessments, and how to involve students in fitness testing to personalize learning.  Why test? How good is a test – reliability and validity? Types of tests? Creating fitness assessments.  What’s worth doing?


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