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No Equipment Necessary
December 17, 2013

When it comes to developing the physical literacy levels of youth we must always consider improving the social, emotional, and physical well-being.  Improving one’s physical fitness levels is part of enhancing the physical well-being of youth.  Within Saskatchewan’s physical education curriculum there is a focus on the Active Living goal.  This goal emphasizes the need to enhance each of the components of health-related fitness. 

No Equipment Necessary provides a number of exercises that can be performed in minimal space and with no need to set up equipment.  If we want to improve fitness levels and make exercise a ‘way of being’ for youth, we need to see exercise everywhere.  Yes, these exercises are great imbedded into a physical education program or a team practice. 

It would be great to see students exercising each day in school, both inside and outside of physical education.  Parents, perhaps some time could be set aside each day performing some of these exercises as a family.  When it comes to exercise, we as adults must find ways to incorporate it daily and continue to send the message to kids that exercising is a positive thing.  

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