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Capture the Koosh
December 11, 2013

Capture the Koosh is a great invasion/territorial game that can be played with many ages.  When Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU), it is important to scaffold your teaching/coaching and build with progressions.  

Educators - This game can be used to support curricular outcomes anywhere from grade one to grade twelve.  Consider making minor adjustments to meet the needs of your students. We can change locomotions at an early age or replace the koosh with basketballs at a high school level. 

Coaches – If you coach kids in any invasion type sport (i.e., soccer, hockey, basketball), this game can be used to supplement a practice or provide further learning opportunities for your team. 

Games such as this one can be played many different ways to achieve desired goals.  As educators/coaches we are only limited by our imagination!  

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