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Clap, Slap, Cheer
December 2, 2013

Clap, Slap, Cheer is a fantastic movement activity that can be done in any space.  This powerpoint has letters that represent a different movement:

C          Clap  (clap hands three times)

S          Slap  (high five someone next to you)

H         Hooray  (arms up high and cheer “Hooray”)

Simply put up a slide and have the group read the letters from left to right and perform the movements.

In some cases you will see letters capitalized.  Stand up to perform the movement for capitalized letters.

You will also see letters that are underlined.  This means to do the opposite of what the letter represents as far as standing or sitting.  Therefore, h would actually mean stand and “hooray”.

Finally, just for fun, we have added in a fourth letter:

P          Pound  (pound knuckles with a partner and yell out “boom”)

This movement activity brings great laughs and allows everyone a chance to move.  Parents can do this at home with family.  Educators can use this in a classroom.  Coaches, try this at your next parent information night.  Community leaders, get your committees moving at your next meeting.  Remember, as adults we must model the importance of moving throughout the day, every day.

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