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How Old Are You?
November 4, 2013

Throughout physical education curriculum in Saskatchewan, the Active Living goal regularly focuses on personal fitness and creating personal FITT plans to improve on various health-related and skill-related fitness components. 

The Fitness Calculator is a easy to use tool that may start  students thinking as to where personal fitness levels are.  Of course, it is important that any time we work with students around fitness, it is done in a respectful and empowering way.  The hope is to assess fitness and create goals for improvement, never to test fitness. Students may choose to use this tool simply out of curiousity.  It may however allow students to reflect on personal fitness levels, which may then lead to further motivation.

The fitness calculating tool was found on the Norwegian University of Science and Technology website.

How old are you?  Clink on the link and see what your physical fitness age is.

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