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Is it almost Recess?
August 13, 2013

How important is play?  Are kids getting enough recess in a school day? The following article written by Holly Korbey discusses the idea of free play and obstacles schools face with recess...

Elementary students in the state of New Jersey may soon have cause to rejoice: state legislators are trying to turn 20 minutes of daily recess into law, making outdoor play a mandatory requirement for all students from kindergarten through fifth grade. And according to the bill, recess can’t be taken away as punishment for breaking minor rules.

According to State Senator Shirley K. Turner, who sponsored the bill, “For the health and well-being of future generations, it is important we continue to look at recess and physical education, not as something that takes time away from learning in the classroom, but as part of a curriculum that will teach lasting and important life skills. Like generations before them, children just need to get out and play.”  Read More

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