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Teacher Reference - Indicator List
August 13, 2013

Another school year is upon us and we wanted to take a minute to share some planning documents that may assist elementary physical educators.  When planning it is crucial to have an end in mind or a road map if you will of where it is you are trying to get. Holistic Rubrics for each outcome at each grade level are a great starting point for such planning.  Rubrics from previous posts for both Grade 1-5 and Grade 6-8 have been included.

Another tracking tool that may be useful throughout the school year is the Record of Student Achievement.  This can also be found in previous posts for Grade 1-5 and Grade 6-8.

One additional tracking tool that may be useful for physical educators in grades one through five is the Teacher Reference – Indicator List.  This list can be used to keep track of what specific pieces have been covered in each outcome as well as what areas need more focus moving forward.  Download the appropriate grade level:  
Grade One
Grade Two
Grade Three
Grade Four
Grade Five

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