Youth Mentor - Kimowan Obey-Littletent

Posted: Nov 10, 2021

My name is Kimowan Obey-Littletent, I am 16, and I have lived in Regina, Saskatchewan my whole life. Currently I am in grade 11 at Scott Collegiate in the leadership pathway. I enjoy my sports, music, and I like to sing. I also used to dance powwow but covid came and we couldn't because everything got shut down. I enjoy traveling around and tiny roadtrips just to get out of the house. 

My hardest challenge is being a leader. For example, in volleyball I was not a very good leader. I would get frustrated with my teammates, and kinda boss them around. It wasn't my proudest moment.  Since I joined the leadership pathway and started working with GYM, I have gained more patience.  I am learning how to better communicate with others.  Being a leader means being a role model, helping others, respecting others. Having my anger under control, learning how to communicate with other people and paying attention to the kids are ways I am showing leadership.

GYM is my first actual paying job. It's preparing me for other jobs also. At GYM everyone is included and not just sitting there. I like spending time with the other mentors and kids rather than being at home and doing nothing. GYM is a great place to socialize with others, 

In the future, I see myself playing volleyball, maybe in university. First,I have to finish school with good grades which i'm trying to do but it can be hard sometimes. Also, I can see myself traveling around the world and learning different cultures/languages. 

My message to the youth is: Do not doubt yourself and never give up, eventually all your hard work pays off. Meet new people and be brave, take big steps, and be yourself. Don't worry about others' opinions, just do your best. I believe in you!