Youth Mentor - Ashley Ermine-Stone

Posted: Nov 9, 2021

Hi, my name is Ashley Ermine-Stone. I am 16 years old. I am from Regina, Saskatchewan and am a student at Scott collegiate. This is my first year at Scott Collegiate, and my first year working with the G.Y.M program.

I enjoy playing badminton, but I mostly enjoy longboarding. Longboarding helps me relieve stress and it gets my mind off of things because of how fun it is. Other things I enjoy doing is talking to people. My anxiety does get the best of me, but I can keep a conversation going. I love listening to other people. Whether it's listening to them ranting or talking about anything. Helping people is also a big part of things I enjoy. I try to do as much as I can for people. The last thing I enjoy that is important to me just as much as helping people is listening to music. Music speaks to me in all kinds of ways. I'm not the type to listen to a bunch of rap songs or anything like that. I like inspirational songs, or any kind of song that I relate to.

My biggest challenge is my motivation to do things, and my social anxiety. Growing up as a child I didn't have many people telling me I was capable of doing things. I was sort of my own hype man. Even now I don't have much of that. I had to learn to be confident in doing things by myself. Now I'm ok with that fact, but it does affect my motivation. My other biggest challenge is my social anxiety. My brain just seems to hate the idea of talking to new people. Coming to Scott Collegiate was very nerve wracking, but soon it became less nerve wracking. Then I started working for G.Y.M, and it became ok for me to talk to new people, because I felt it was and is still now a safe place. 

To me a leader is someone who guides people to be a good person. They stick with their group and even in the hardships they are there and they show up. They show people how to help others and encourage them. In the G.Y.M program I know I can be myself. Seeing the kids play and try their best makes me feel I can do the same. I have no problem encouraging others. I am able to put myself in a child's situation and understand what they are feeling at any moment, whether it's a happy moment or a bad one. Lifting a child's spirits is so uplifting, because the next time they come to G.Y.M they know someone is there for them, and for a child growing up in a society that wants them to be one thing, they need someone there for them.

GYM means a lot to me. Although I just started working with the program, I am learning more about myself and others. It makes me happy. I am able to show the kids what a leader is and how a person should treat others. It's a great opportunity, and I hope others will consider joining in the coming years.

When I finish high school, I would like to go to university and hopefully become a police officer. I love helping people. I've wanted to be a police officer since I saw a video of an officer playing basketball with kids. Everyone in the video was smiling and laughing, and that's what I want to do. I want to not only help people and make them feel safe, but to make them feel comfortable. 

Be yourself. Don't let anyone control you. If you want to do something, do it. Unless it’s bad. You can achieve more if you believe in yourself.