Youth Mentor - Tyrell Crowe

Posted: Feb 14, 2020

My name is Tyrell Crowe, I am a 16-year-old kid who is from Regina, Saskatchewan.  I love to play basketball either by myself or with my friends. For me the sport of basketball is a true team game.  I got into playing basketball by playing 2K when I was young.  Beyond playing basketball, I love reading, especially the genre manga.  When it comes time to hanging out with my friends we really enjoy going to the gym.

To me a leader is someone who is not afraid of stepping up when times get hard. A leader will take charge and handle things certain people cannot.  I think I have matured as a leader while working within the GYM program. GYM is a place where I feel like I can be a kid again.  It means a lot to me when I can work and play games with the little ones.  Being a mentor for the kids is an amazing responsibility that I enjoy taking on. I am part of GYM because it's important to me that I influence the generation after me.  I believe the next generation has the opportunity to do amazing things with the world and how we treat each other.  Whenever I'm with the kids it reminds me of being little again. Helping the kids teaches me how to become a better person and I can be a better role model for the community.

When I think about my future, I know I will become a great basketball player.  I hope to protect my city by become a homicide detective. My biggest goal right now is to finish high school as an honour roll student.

My message to the youth: Never give up. No matter how hard it seems, the only one who can change your life is you.