Youth Mentor - Lily Sanderson-Netowaysin

Posted: Feb 7, 2020

My name is Lily Victoria Sanderson-Netowaysin. I am 16 years old from Regina, SK. I am a grade 11 student who is attending Scott Collegiate. I enjoy many different activities such as spending quality time with my family and my friends. I enjoy playing volleyball and sometimes and I enjoy playing basketball. I am very competitive when it comes to sports. I like reading books in and out of school and I enjoy listening to music. When I am at home, I help a lot and one thing that I enjoy doing is helping my grandma with dinner. I enjoy cooking and I am a pretty decent cook.

One of my biggest challenges I face is that I do not maintain who I am towards others. I seem to be quieter in public places then at my house. At home I am me. I think that other people are also like this too because home is a place where you can be yourself.  When I am around people I don’t know well or comfortable enough to be myself, I wouldn’t enjoy myself as much as I would when I am around familiar people that I can be comfortable with. When I am at GYM, I can be myself because it is where you can be free and have a good time.  It is an inclusive place where no one is judged.  When I first started, I didn't know any of the kids and they didn’t know me. Six months later, I know pretty much everybody and now every week I look forward to going to GYM to have fun and see everybody enjoy and being themselves.

My definition of a leader is a person that can inspire people to achieve their goals and lead change in the world to make it a better place. The skills that I would consider that I have that make me a good leader would be that I help motivate others to achieve their goals and being responsible. I think it is important for us high school students to be involved with the young ones because we get to lead and of course play/interact with the young ones. We have the opportunity to inspire the young ones to grow up and become a mentor because I feel like they all look up to us. When I was younger, I would look up to the older kids, so I keep that in mind and set a good example for the younger kids.

My future ambition is to go to university and either become a nurse or a social worker. I still have to decide on what I want to become so hopefully I decide before I graduate high school.

My message to the youth is:  Have fun and don't give up. You can do anything in this world so keep being you and push toward achieving your goals and being a leader. We are all leaders and leaders can do anything and everything to make change and do what's best for others and yourself.