Youth Mentor - Alex Johnstone

Posted: Jan 21, 2020

I am Alex Johnstone. I am from Muscowpetung First Nation but grew up in Piapot First Nation until I moved to Regina in 2014. I am a grade 12 leader enrolled at Scott Collegiate. I enjoy being active and occasionally exercising my body, and mind. I enjoy taking care of my pets which happen to be 3 small dogs and 2 kittys. Some other interests I enjoy are watching netflix/youtube and occupying myself whether I am beading or stretching. My hobbies and interests have changed a lot as I have grown up due to complications. Things I enjoyed doing I cannot enjoy now like riding/training horses with my Papa because I'm allergic.  Unfortunately, I can't play sports because my ankle has 2 pins and a plate in, but I found other things to enjoy.

My biggest challenges are facing my fears, and finding people I connect with and are supportive and motivating. My most supporting and motivating people are my family. Facing my fears is always tough, when it comes to my fears, they happen to get the best of me the most time.  I work on managing my anxiety by occupying myself in a lot of different ways.  I find it very challenging to overcome my fears, but when I do overcome them, I feel like nothing can fear me.

I believe a leader is a role model who is adaptive, and open-minded with a strong voice. I have great ambition in enhancing my leadership skills.  A leader can adapt to many different challenges. Being open-minded, a leader is considerate and can take in thoughts from others without losing the ability to think well. Having a strong voice, gets you heard, states your expectations clearly. I aspire and work towards being a leader every day.

Growing Young Movers means a lot to me because it's a place where the energy is positive. GYM helps me in numerous ways.  It helps me stay active and in shape. The kids make me laugh and smile which keeps me in a good mood, not worried or thinking about my other problems outside of GYM. Another reason why it's so great is that it brings the children out of their comfort zone, and allows them to connect with other kids and mentors. We teach the kids different life skills in fun ways. The after-school program is amazing because we are giving the kids something. I wish there was a program like this when I was much younger because I feel like I wouldn't be so quiet and keep to myself. That's why I love that I can help and possibly make a change in a child's life.  I know having someone to look up to is everything to children. I appreciate the opportunity to work and be with the kids.

After I graduate, I plan on working as a mechanic. I got direct entry to SIIT Construction Course for automotive and I am getting indentured for it. My goal is to become a red seal mechanic, and open my own shop for other women mechanics.

Short message for youth: Be a kid for as long as you can, and cherish your childhood. Do not doubt yourself, or worry about what others will think. There will be many obstacles in life to overcome and make you better yourself.