Youth Mentor - Cherelle Williams

Posted: Jan 21, 2020

Hello! My name is Cherelle Williams, I am 17 years of age and in grade eleven at Scott Collegiate.  I am from Whitebear First Nation and currently reside in Regina.  I enjoy writing in journals about my day so I can look back on it in the future and see my thought process in that moment. In addition, I enjoy beadwork and listening to music with lyrics that I can feel the emotion coming from. I also enjoy studying the complexity of the human mind as well as the universe.  I find the perspectives of other’s minds interesting and the uniqueness of each individual fascinates me. If you were to ask me a year ago what I enjoy doing and what my interests were, I probably would have said a quick and easy answer like “going to the movies!” or “reading books”.  As I grow older, I’ve come to realize that there are some people in this lifetime that you will meet who share a lot of the same differences as you do, so it is okay to feel out of place in some shape or form.

Some of the biggest challenges I’ve faced in life are with interpersonal connections with others, whether it be my friends or family.  I continue to search for positive relationships that are supportive.  In my day to day I have made positive connections with peers at Scott and through working as a mentor in GYM.  These relationships are influential to my understanding of how others think.  This understanding motivates me to support others and to listen to differing perspectives. 

My definition of a leader would have to be a person who is understanding and considerate of the feelings and needs of others.  Somebody who can provide the kindness to others is a true leader.  I aspire to be a leader by supporting others and being a role model in the community.  I believe a leader is encouraging, is uplifting, and has no judgement towards others. I feel like that type of leader in a community is somebody that people need in their lives.

I believe GYM is a great place for children to create connections amongst one another. GYM provides a great safe space for different ages of children and it is a physical education opportunity for the younger generation to learn new life skills and try out interactive, social games. As a child I would have wanted something similar.  I believe that every kid should have the opportunity to discover themselves and interact within social activities. When I was younger, I didn't really get that same opportunity and whenever I did, I didn’t choose to take it.  I chose to stay inside a lot and I think part of that has shaped me as a person.

In the future I’d like to have a job as an orthodontist or something to do with mental health, like a counsellor or therapist. I also really want to study human behaviour and the human mind. Studying the human mind and its behaviour makes a lot of sense for the way I think and I am fascinated to learn more. If I could choose an extra career, I would choose to be a veterinarian who works with animals that require care.

A short message for the youth:  Live your life as a kid, I think all children should have the opportunity to have dreams and ambitions and follow them and the path that they would like to travel down. Do not stress or worry about what other people think as long as you are doing good for yourself and you know your intentions.