Youth Mentor - Keshia Hanson

Posted: Jan 17, 2020

Hi! I’m Keshia Hanson or Liz (a nickname I prefer the most). I am from James Smith Cree Nation and I’m 16 years old. I live in the North Central community within Regina, Saskatchewan. Currently, I’m in grade 11 at Scott Collegiate.  Scott is a place I really feel at home, a place where my peers and teachers are so kind to one another.

Drawing is something I really enjoy.  I love to draw whatever is on my mind or even characters I’ve made during high school projects. It makes me feel more creative in what I do. I also enjoy writing little stories.  Themes of fantasy or paranormal are an interest of mine.  I get a lot of ideas from reading books online or at school. I have starting writing some guitar melodies as well. Someday I would like to write my own original songs. Beyond drawing and writing, I like to focus on volleyball.  To me it is fun and competitive.

My biggest challenge was working on myself and as well as keeping others happy that are around me. I had a bumpy road during this year but after joining GYM I feel better about myself.  Being part of the GYM team has motivated me and helps me feel like I can conquer anything in my way

To me a leader is someone who is kind and does her/his best in activities.  A leader brings others up when they are down or hurt. A leader is strong and passionate at what they do and accomplish great things in life. They are also someone how is brave in a bad situation and does what’s best for their team. 

I hope I can show my peers how fun it is to be a leader or help others to their feet if that person can’t or simply needs help. I feel like it’s really important to be a leader in my community as others may not feel that help. At one time I did not feel like I was a leader.  Now being part of the volleyball team, I believe I am a leader to others.

My message to the youth: Do your best.  You have great meaning and it feels good to achieve something amazing.