Youth Mentor - Deleelyn Hunter

Posted: Jan 16, 2020

My name is Deleelyn Hunter, I am a 17 year old student at Scott Collegiate and a member of Muskowekwan First Nations. I grew up in the Regina community of North Central, though I have been to my reserve located just off of Highway 85 and approximately 1 mile away from Lestock SK. I like to think I’m a teenager who is driven and focused and knows what he wants.

My interests consist of video games, food, and art. My favorite video game has to be Apex Legends; through this video game I have learned the importance of teamwork and fast reactions. Now let's talk about pizza, not just any pizza but the kind of pizza with pepperoni and bacon on top, not bacon bits or ham, actual bacon crumbles. I absolutely love pizza but my favorite is pepperoni bacon pizza, I will eat any kind of pizza though, even pizza with pineapples on it. My favorite thing about art has to be working with gouache. I just like the process of art and the immersion of your thoughts onto the canvas or paper.

Some of the biggest challenges I face is trying not to be the teacher's pet. I’m very smart so it's hard for teachers not to take an interest in me and my studies. I have had countless teachers ask to use my work for further references with future students of theirs. Another challenge I face daily is just being a first nations person, people just don't believe what I’m capable of and often give me looks of excitement when they do. It can often be discouraging but i see it as myself proving to them what our people are capable of given the right circumstances.

I'd like to say a leader is someone who has a mindset of helping others all the time. But that's not entirely what a leader is, a leader is someone who can take initiative when it's needed, and can really make a difference in today's society. They can teach and set an example of responsibility, belonging, mastery, and independence. All of which I am hoping to improve and revitalize into my daily life. I don’t think of myself as a follower, or a leader, but I understand the importance of setting a good example for others. I wouldn't say I put myself out there but I try my best, so I’m getting there but as everyone knows it takes time.

Some of my future ambitions and goals are to become a teacher. I think I’d be a really good asset to my home community of Muskowekwan. A teacher is something I would really like to become because they are supportive of everyone. I'd like to start helping others, especially students to become the best that they can, just as my teachers did for me. I'm really understanding and intuitive, some of the qualities all good and amazing teachers possess.

My message to the youth: Just be yourself, you will be the happiest person you can be if you accept yourself and understand that change and failure is normal and inevitable.