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GYM graduate designs logo
June 24, 2021

My name is Deleelyn Hunter and I am an 18 year old grade 12 student at Scott Collegiate. I've been working with Growing Young Movers and a part of the Leadership Pathway since 2019.  I created this logo and wanted to take a moment to explain the components of my design.

The medicine wheel and the four colours/ GYM logo in centre; there's a hint of a medicine wheel in the logo. I did this for the purpose of showing that I am Indigenous and that the medicine wheel is important to me. It symbolizes the four directions, four seasons, and four aspects to life and reminds me to live a balanced and healthy life. Red=mastery, white=independence, black=belonging, yellow=generosity.

The seven grandfather teachings: eagle, turtle, bear, beaver, bison, wolf, sabe; These were taught to me throughout my life and I found that the Leadership Pathway at Scott Collegiate and the seven grandfather teachings have some parallels in their principles. The first teaching, and they go in no particular order, is love and is represented by the eagle. The second is humility,represented by the wolf. The third, truth, is represented by the turtle. The fourth is wisdom, and is shown by the beaver. The fifth is courage, represented by the bear. The sixth is honesty represented by the sabe or sasquatch. The seventh and last teaching is respect and is represented by the buffalo. I added the animals to the design for the purpose of showing that those who wear this sweater are people who strive to be examples of what the animals and teachings represent.

Three hanging feathers; I included the feathers with the purpose of making the whole design look like a dream catcher or a circle with three hanging feathers. Eagle feathers usually represent the highest degree of respect and wisdom. It's a gift of great importance and of the highest quality and is an honor to get one. An  eagle feather would be amazing to receive and that's why I added them on to the design.                                                                       

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