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"It's not work, it's fun": Teacher joins GYM team
March 5, 2021

For new high school teacher Quinn Anderson, G.Y.M. is a unique program that fills the
mâmawêyatitân centre gymnasium with life.
“I really like the energy of the kids,” says Anderson. “After teaching all day, maybe I’ve
had a long day and I’m tired, but I’m just awoken when I get in there.”
Anderson started working at Scott Collegiate in September 2020 after making a mark
during a university internship placement in 2019.
Anderson spent her childhood surrounded by teachers, both at school and at home.
“Both my parents were teachers, my aunts were teachers, my grandparents were
teachers,” says Anderson. “I grew up around teachers so it was a natural progression for me.”
While Anderson knew she wanted to follow in her family’s footsteps and become an
educator, she didn’t realize she would get a chance to be involved in a program like G.Y.M.,
especially so early on in her career.
“The program is unique,” says Anderson. “You could go to a different after school
program, and there might be a couple adults there, but the kids go off to play on their own.
Here, the mentors get right in there with them and the kids love it.”
She says it’s fulfilling to see the students thrive in the G.Y.M. environment.
“Some of the youth mentors are students in my class,” says Anderson. “Kids who are more
reserved in class, they get to G.Y.M. and they’re right in there playing. I just think that’s amazing
to see. They’re learning stuff I wouldn't be able to teach them.”
She says it’s important to foster life skills like physical activity early on and hopes the
G.Y.M. program will help students stay active throughout their lifetimes.
“What we’re doing it’s not just for grades two-eight, they could do that when they’re 65,” says
Anderson. “They’re going to be lifelong learners in physical activity and that's awesome.”
Moving forward, Anderson hopes to secure a permanent, full-time position at Scott
Collegiate. Once she does, she’s excited to continue in the G.Y.M. program.
“I feel really grateful to be involved,” says Anderson. “It’s a special program and most
people will never have the chance to work in that.”
“Actually, I don't even consider it work; I go and have fun with the student mentors and
the kids. It’s awesome,” says Anderson.
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