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Thoughts from the Youth
February 17, 2021

Here at Growing Young Movers, we’ve been working hard to offer safe and fun programming for youth in the community, but unfortunately COVID-19 has made that more difficult than normal.

We were elated to re-open our doors after the recent break to come together again for games, fun, and healthy snacks! Last week we checked in with a few of the kids attending a G.Y.M. after-school care program and got their thoughts about G.Y.M.

Question: What did you miss about G.Y.M. when it was closed because of COVID-19?


“I missed the mentors, having fun, the games, and having lots of space to play!” - Serenity

“I missed playing the games like bowling. I liked getting away from school and having fun.” -Thomas

“I missed playing badminton and I miss playing with other kids. I also missed the mentors.” -Tiffany

“Everything.” - Aaliyah 


Question: How does G.Y.M. make you feel?


“G.Y.M. makes me feel energized and safe.” - Brian

“G.Y.M. makes me feel loved because I won’t be left out of any of the games.” -Lena

“G.Y.M. makes me feel like I’m having a good time and tired after running so long.” -Justin

“Happy, included, awesome, cool, loved. I have a lot of fun!” -Jaymas


Question: What is your favourite part about G.Y.M.?


“I like playing games with others and the food.” -Ava

“I like coming here with my brother. I also like the games and the music.” -Zander

“My favourite thing is seeing high school kids and having fun.” -Nevaeh

“Going outside in the snow and playing with pool noodles.” -Aaden

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