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Jump Bands
October 2, 2013

Body management activities are found throughout all grade levels in Saskatchewan’s physical education curriculum.  Body management should include dance and educational gymnastics, but may also include other options such as skipping or tinikling (traditional Philippine dance). 

Another option to tinikling is Jump Bands.  The elastic bands provide another way to development rhythmics as well as allowing all students to be involved and working at moderate to high intensity. 

Finding enjoyable, new activities is a great way to keep physical education classes engaging.  An activity such as Jump Bands may be one of those activities.  The important piece to consider however is that there is connection to what students need to understand.  We need to begin with the end in mind.  Attached is a formative assessment tool that one would use at a grade five level.  As you will see, outcome 5.3 can be touched upon with the use of the Jump Bands.  Looking at the outcome 5.3 and pulling from the indicators allows one to quickly create an assessment tool.

This activity can be used at numerous grade levels (1.7, 2.7, 3.6, 4.3, 5.3, 6.10, 7.9, 8.9).  Consider how this may also fit with outcomes connected to the active living goal.  Posters on movement variables may also come in handy when working with the Jump Bands to challenge older students to move differently through the bands.

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