GYM After-School Programs

Through community partnerships the Growing Young Movers After-School Program is a student-centered Intergenerational Urban Indigenous Network focused on enhancing 21st century living skills through experiential wellness opportunities

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 GYM After-School Programs 2020/2021
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The GYM after-school programs occur weekly during the school year.  Many of the activities occur in a gymnasium throughout the various locations.  Students are engaged in various lessons that connect to the Saskatchewan physical education curriculum. Beyond the weekly gymnasium experience, place based learning occurs in other locations throughout the city as well (Science Centre, tobogganing, etc.). With each excursion we ask "How Are We Doing?". This program is more than simply getting elementary students active after school.  Movement and wellness are evident in the experiential opportunities we create, however the over arching goal of the program is to develop 21st century living skills. 


We believe to achieve these learning skills, club members need to develop Personal and Social Responsibility.  The program follows the Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility (TPSR) teaching model (Hellison, 2011).  Hellison’s teaching model focuses on developing high levels of responsibility through physical activity and movement opportunities.   TPSR is a well-established instructional model that has been acknowledged as an exemplary approach to stimulating responsibility through physical education and after school youth programs (Metzler, 2005).


This program is equally important to the grade 1 to 5 participants as it is to the grade 8 mentors, the high school leaders, the volunteer university students, and the program coordinators.  We are all learning from each other.  Each day we begin with circle and end with circle.  Everyone in the club has a voice and is provided the opportunity to share.  Club members also share through self-reflection.  Sometimes this reflection is done as a group, but often times the self-reflection is done with the use of tablets.  Club members video record thoughts and wonders that are then shared with program leaders.  After each experience,  program leaders track responsibility levels of the youth around areas such as Self-control, Self-direction, and Caring.  High School leaders also complete a weekly self-evaluation.

Intergenerational Urban Indigenous Network :

Youth ages 6-14 years old
Employed Indigenous youth mentors from Scott Collegiate
Volunteer students from the University of Regina

                             Program funding for Growing Young Movers After-School programming is provided by: