Youth Mentor - Kyra Lerat

Posted: Mar 18, 2021

Hi my name is Kyra Lerat. I’m 15 years old from Cowessess First Nations. I was born in Regina, Saskatchewan and I am a student at Scott Collegiate in the Leadership Pathway. I enjoy playing video games with my friends and family. Basketball is definitely my favorite sport. I love playing basketball because when I play it makes me feel good about myself, and it clears my head. I also like helping my parents and anyone in need as much as I can because even the littlest help could save someone.

I feel my greatest challenge is to make everyone proud of me.  I believe I will do this by living up to my dreams and own expectations.  I strive to work hard, to live big, and to be successful. I wish to make my mom the happiest woman alive by giving her everything she's ever needed.  My mom deserves it! When I'm older I hope I can make my dreams into reality. 

A leader to me is someone that shows great potential, enthusiasm, and self-esteem. Leaders respect and accept everyone around them and try to be helpful in any given way. They show everyone around them passion and courage, and to never give up. GYM is a place where I can be myself, to grow physically and mentally. The kids give me so much energy and fill me with joy. GYM is starting a new road, and a new beginning. This road that I have started is a pathway to greatness, it has shown me who I really am, and what I want to do. GYM is helping me find myself, by bringing out the best of me.

Travelling the world is definitely something I see in my future. I want to become mentally and spiritually a better version of myself and by travelling the world I think it will open up all these opportunities to find myself. There's a whole world out there waiting for me!  I just want to see what the world has out there for me, what the true beauty of life is.

My message to the youth is to never give up.  You can do anything you put your mind to. You will meet a lot of people in life, and not all of them are going to stick around.  Do not let it eat at you. You can't change others opinions and thoughts so don't spend your time worrying about them. Be yourself and who you want to be. Don't let anyone drag you down. Stand out and love yourself because no one is going to do it better!