Youth Mentor - Denae Williams

Posted: Jan 24, 2021

My name is Denae Jade, I'm 15 years old. I was born in Regina and I have lived in the city my entire life. Currently, I am in grade ten at Scott Collegiate. I enjoy drawing, singing for fun, making music at home, and animating here and there, whenever I can do so, I also like making plans for the future and thinking about what that future will hold. Being creative in any kind of way is a part of me. I want to learn many languages. I strive for opportunities.

For me personally I can describe myself as impatient just a tad. Gaining patience is something I am working on and spending time with the kids from GYM is helping!

My definition of a leader would be someone that strives to meet team goals, who is thoughtful and has best intentions at heart.  Leaders know fairness, and can get their point across. To me, a leader is someone who doesn't just tell, but also listens.

I feel that GYM is now a big part of my plan to get the things I desire.  It is real-life experience that paves the way for future opportunities. I see myself working with kids when I finish high school, perhaps as a teacher.  GYM is my first, real paying job and allows me the opportunity to develop my leadership skills.  GYM goes far beyond being a job for me.  It is a place for kids from my community to go.  It is a safe place with inspiring mentors for the young ones to look up to.  GYM is a good part of my life.

One day I would like to see things outside of Regina. There is a whole world to experience. Wherever life takes me, I will always live it to the fullest and use my talents to help others.  Growing up I always wanted to be many things, but at times I was told you can only do one thing.  The truth is, I want to do it all! Nothing is impossible.  Maybe being good at more than one thing is a key to mastery and knowledge, and a way of being a leader. Accepting no boundaries striving to always learn new things, makes you capable.  so dream as big as you can, because anything is possible.

What is my advice to the young ones? Be yourself, don't limit yourself to a few people. Be brave and make friends with anyone. There are endless opportunities that await you in the future. Take that step you are scared to take.  Never regret a thing. Everything happens for a reason, there is meaning behind all ups and downs.  Lead an inspiring life, dream big, but be safe! Wishing you the best!