Youth Mentor - Tasha Johns

Posted: Nov 27, 2020

My name is Latasha Johns, preferably my friends call me Tasha. I'm 16 years old, in Grade 11 attending Scott Collegiate. I enjoy playing basketball every once in a while. I enjoy writing as it's a stress reliever in a way. It helps me express myself whenever I write, rather  than talking. Working out is something I also enjoy as it calms me down. Mainly though, you'd see me at home with my little sister or hanging out with my boyfriend. Whenever I can, I like being outside.  I also like cooking. I cook for my family every once in a while, so I'd say I'm pretty decent at it since no one complains about it, expect my picky little sister.

One of my biggest challenges I’d say is constantly having to get out of bed and go to school when I could just stay home for that time being and go back the next day.  I mean it just means more homework so that's why I would rather just do what I have to do at the moment than not. Long story short, mentally there's points that slow me down or possibly lose me a chance on doing something, but at the end of it all I get through it.  I will get through school as I know how important it is for a good future.

There are many qualities that make someone a leader.  I think a leader is someone people can talk to.  A leader is someone who makes others feel confident.  Being able to take a step in someone’s shoes is a sign of leadership.  Understanding and having patience, respecting others while respecting oneself is being a leader.

GYM to me is a start on an actual job and could also be the start on me saving money for later on in life. It's a good start and also provides other opportunities for us, like working other jobs. GYM is great for the kids and I would say us too because it gives us an opportunity to socialize.  GYM is a place where everyone is included, no one is sitting out.           

I sometimes think about being a nurse when I finish school.  I haven't really thought through it to make it an actual thing because I might just figure out that I'm more interested in another subject instead. Right now, my focus is about doing well in school.  I know I have time to figure out a career path.  I just need to keep myself on the right path.

My message for the youth is: Keep trying in school even if you don't want to, at the end of you wanting to stay home, as you get older, you'll thank yourself, you'll also have GYM to be welcomed and have someone to play and look forward to after school here, no matter what we’ll make sure that everyone has a good time and is included!