Youth Mentor - Raine Semaganis

Posted: Nov 27, 2020

Hey my name is Raine Semaganis. I am 16 and in grade 11 at Scott Collegiate. I'm First Nations and I was born in Regina, Saskatchewan however I spent most of my time in Saskatoon.

I enjoy going for walks, going for bike rides, painting, baking, traveling, camping, hanging out with my friends and family, playing on the ps4 with my brother or sister, working in G.Y.M, and playing with animals. Painting is enjoyable because it's messy and gets my mind off the bad things.  It is relaxing and everyone calls me an artist so I tried it out and turns out I am one. I enjoy travaling and camping because sometimes the sky is amazing and you get fresh air and it's a nice break from being in a house and seeing the city lights. There's always something to do and if you're quiet enough you can hear all sorts of animals and insects. Sometimes you can see them. That’s what’s so amazing to be outside of the city. I enjoy baking because it's messy. I create memories with my family and it's a nice sweet treat. We always try to find something new to do.

A big challenge for me is making it through each day that comes. Managing school while  working or finding time to just relax can be difficult. I find photography to be something that relaxes me. At some point I want to take classes to know a little more about the different lenses and editing techniques. I love nature photography because I like being outside. I'm also thinking of becoming a veterinarian. I love animals and how unique they are.  There is always something to learn about them. I always had cats growing up.

My definition of being a leader is to help the ones who need it. Kids look up to older kids. Whatever I do, kids will think it's right. Monkey see, monkey do.  I'm always there to help the kids that are sitting on the side getting them moving around. G.Y.M means being a team. Being there for other people, helping out, and working together. I find working with other kids really fun while helping them learn.   I think it’s important for younger kids to be more active than just sitting in a desk writing things down. I think kids playing around with older kids makes them feel special and makes them wanna keep moving.  In the future I want to get a good paying job and help build up a cabin in Sun Valley and live out there with my family. I would like to one day travel to different places with my older brother and/or friends.

My advice to the youth: Be a good leader, help others and good things will come your way.