Youth Mentor - Joshua Panipekeesick

Posted: Oct 28, 2020

My name is Joshua Panipekeesick and I'm 16 years old. I was born at general hospital in Regina Saskatchewan. Currently I live in North Central. I lived here most of my life. I have 9 siblings, and I'm the 4th oldest child in my family.

I enjoy basketball. I consider myself a big basketball fan when it comes to the game, I'm always trying to learn new aspects of the game, try to become a good passer, a good shooter. Playing hockey is something I enjoy. I used to play a lot when I was in grade 7 & 8, living in Saskatoon. Beyond sports I like chilling with my homies. As they bring a lot of fun into my life. without them my life would be boring and not as great. What I enjoy doing most however. Is being connected with myself. I enjoy discovering new things that will help me with myself, and that’ll better myself, something that will help me grow and become the best version of me!

I know my biggest challenge is living in the moment. To me that's what life's all about; being connected with yourself and the people around you. Everyone has a drive and that's what stops them from connecting with themselves. Society is so stuck in the future and always worried about what's ahead of them, people miss living in the moment and stop to think about the everyday things around them, like don't take life so seriously, go with the flow, think about the great things around you, take every breathe like it's your last. Another challenge is school, it's so systematic, it almost brainwashes you, makes you lose all your creativity, as a person with my own thoughts this what i think about, might be important but it should teach you more about life, i'd rather be street smart than book smart! But “stay in school kids”. You’re able to write your own future. 

I think what makes a great leader is someone's voice that will stand out, a person whose voice will go through everyone's mind. Very motivative, doesn't sugar coat anything, will tell you what you're doing wrong or bad, but will also tell you what you're doing right and what you're good at. To be a leader you gotta go outta your way to provide for your team,whatever it takes! You gotta do things other people aren't doing. I think a good leader puts his team on the same page and makes others understand what's the best move and what isn't.

GYM means a lot to me because it's giving me an opportunity to gain work experience, and it allows young people to earn a paycheck. Plus I get to work with little kids, I feel great after I leave work, because I know I can have an impact on the younger generation. and I want them to know how great they are. I know I can't help all of these kids but if I can impact their life in some sorta way that's a win for me! I enjoy spending my time with them so much that I could work for free. I don't look at the money but I look at how the kids make my day better. They have fun and it brings me fun.

My main focus is to make some change, either in a big way or small way.  I want to be something and not nothing! If I can spark another person's mind to make a bigger change in this world then I'll die a happy man!

Live your dreams, don't ever stop to think about what others have to think about you, cause the only person that can REALLY judge you is YOU! This world is greater than money, learn to live inside the present, don't let your ambitions die out, ride that wave til success flys your way, no matter how bad your life is, it can change in a second, an hour, a day, a year, be creative! Be your own boss, find different ways of success, KEEP YOUR MIND ALIVE, don't let anyone belittle you, we all bleed the same colour, a status doesn't mean nothing! Fight for what you believe in, remain positive and remember you're going to feel every emotion in life!  you should think less about what others might think about you, and think more about what may help you and what keeps you happy.