Youth Mentor - Danielle Lumberjack

Posted: Feb 26, 2020

My name is Danielle Lumberjack and I’m currently a grade 12 student enrolled at Scott Collegiate. For the good portion of my 17 years I’ve lived here in Regina, Saskatchewan where I intend to continue my post-secondary education at the University of Regina in the fall after I graduate. I'm excited to see what the future holds for me while taking this next big step in my life!

Away from school, and when I have the opportunity to unwind and just relax, you'll find me with multiple tabs open on Google, where I question the most random things that come to mind. It's a bit therapeutic in a way. A majority of them center around plant related subjects. I enjoy learning about plants and the health benefits of them. I like to think It's been one of my passions that has really grown with me and that I am able to enjoy freely and independently.

I have slowly been learning how to manage certain aspects of my life and gaining a foothold on the right track. A huge and personal challenge that I have faced is accepting uncertainties and embracing unfortunate truths within my life that I cannot change. Although oftentimes it's frustrating, I am working on seeing things from a different perspective, an angle in which I don't expect answers to everything where it's not rooted in a need for reassurance. I prefer to think the process of the question is always more exciting than the answer itself.

I have learned in my short time at the G.Y.M program that leadership is continually developing and evolving overtime and shouldn't be solely limited to individuals with authority or extroverted traits. A truly good leader is decisive, mindful, and has a clear vision while communicating their goals to others. To me, it is not a stagnant skill set that cannot be worked upon any more than it already is. I believe a great leader has the ability and or aims to influence and inspire others in a positive way, real leaders create a change in people that moves them to respond.

At GYM I often feel at ease, there is no stress at all when I'm there and in a way it's kind of freeing, I think that's why I enjoy the program so much. Sometimes, I will have a really exhausting day and feel completely drained but when I work it all goes away as I am virtually granted all the overflowing energy I need from the kids. The kids are amazing they have taught me to be more responsible and carefree, and how to balance the two. It's true when people say every day is like a new learning experience, and I'm certain we can learn a lot from them. I adore every one of the kids that come and appreciate the time I get to spend with them. GYM is a safe space where everyone is welcome to play and enjoy themselves.

As a young person in society today I want to encourage others to take pride in themselves, to be inspired by positive elements, lifted by their intelligence and potential. It can be very demanding and confining when you let others limit your individual growth. Express yourself how you want and don't allow others to narrow you down to their own standards of how you should carry yourself.