Youth Mentor - Melyssa Mosher-Slinn

Posted: Jan 23, 2020

Melyssa Mosher-Slinn is a hardworking grade 12 mentor, who has been working at the GYM program for the past 5 months. She plans to continue working for the rest of the school year. Melyssa was born in Regina, SK, however had been raised in a small town called Shaunavon. In Grade 10, she moved back to the city and started school at Scott Collegiate. This coming fall, Melyssa plans to begin working towards her degree in criminology.

Melyssa’s interests include reading books, travelling, music, card and board games, as well as archery. The sports of swimming, figure skating, basketball and football are something she also enjoys.   is reading, listening to music and spending time with family and friends. Melyssa really enjoys working at GYM, if she could work every day in the program, she certainly would. Every season is bonfire season. She loves having a bonfire, but she does prefer campfire in the summer out of the seasons.

Last Semester in Leadership 20, Melyssa made her own definition of ‘Leader’; a role model who makes a positive difference, help guides and motivate people to achieve their goal.  Having the chance to work in GYM as a mentor is helping Melyssa enhance her leadership skills.

Working as a mentor within the GYM program has reminded Melyssa of experiences from back in Shaunavon where she participated in youth programs.  GYM is about the excitement of being active while getting the chance to work with awesome kids. To Melyssa, GYM is a space where one can have fun and feel safe.  Youth can enjoy all kinds of games that are competitive but they do not need to worry about not being successful. Being a part of the GYM is what is important to Melyssa.  It is a space to be happy, healthy and active where no one is judged.  The program teaches kids the social skills to interact with each other and the importance to include everyone.  It also teaches some physical movement skills for better performance in sports and to have self-control. She has discovered new games that exclude the game of dodgeball. Mentoring the youth continues to improve her communication and social skills.  When Melyssa is at work, her mood becomes lifted up.  Interacting with the kids puts her in a better place, a happy mood, even when she was having a bad day.

Future ambitions for Melyssa focus on studying criminology. She also aims to experience the world by traveling either through a backpacking trip or a road trip across Canada.  In the future she would love to be a mom and have a family.  Her personal motto: Never have regrets regarding experiences and moments you either have had or have yet to have.

A short message to youth:  Be real about yourself, have a positive outlook and believe in yourself. Always be proactive.