Youth Mentor - Akacia Severight

Posted: Jan 20, 2020

Hello there, my name is Akacia Lee Cote Severight. I grew up in Muskowekwan First Nation all my life with just me and my father. Together, we raised and took care of animal; from horses to bunnies, etc. Riding horses was always something I loved to do.  No matter the hottest days or the coldest days, we’d always go riding. My family always had kids or teenagers over at our ranch to teach them how to ride as part of our free riding program.

I enjoy writing, learning and talking with anyone and everyone.  I would say I am an outgoing person. I love to ride horses and play basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, all kinds of sports.  I enjoy the aggressiveness and the adrenaline that comes with playing sports.

It was always a dream of mine to ride a bronc or a bull.  This past summer I rode a steer for an amazing 6 seconds!  I was kicked and stepped on yet it was one of the best feelings in my life. All the adrenaline I had was crazy after that. I felt like I was unstoppable, fearless, and admirable.  The feeling was so great and extraordinary that I yearn every day to feel as I did in that moment.

A great example of a leader is knowing when to speak and when not to speak, sticking up for your friends, family and foes. Being able to manage and work with anyone is part of being a leader.  Everyone has insecurities, and it’s the job of a leader to accept them.  Complimenting others or asking how their day was, it’s not much but it’s nice to reassure and make someone feel lovely.

GYM is where kids have a chance to fit in.  We ensure no one is excluded. The youth learn responsibility and respect for each other through playing together.  It is very fun for the youth cause if they get hungry after playing around and we always have snacks for them to eat before and after the program.

I aspire to be a veterinarian or lawyer but I would also like to explore multiple places for work.  As long as I make enough income for the things that I desire in my future and too help out my fellow loved ones around me I will be successful.

A message to the youth: Don’t ever stop trying, it doesn’t matter how long it takes something to get done, as long as you got the heart and mind, you’ll do great.  Progress is a working process.