Youth Mentor - Quinton

Posted: Aug 14, 2014

Who am I..... Quinton Aaron Lee Nisyok. I am in the tribe of wolf/ Laxibuu.  I live in the village of New Aiyansh.  I am entering grade eight in the fall.

Interests...  I love to play basketball.  I recently played in the BC summer games in Naniamo. I am a point guard.  I like the position because I get to handle the ball.  I love to set up my teammates.  

I spend a great deal do my time out of doors with my dad.  We like to go hunting for moose and fishing on the Nass river. Dad has started to show me how to drive the boat so I can help him with pulling nets.

My favourite subjects in school are math and physical education.

G.Y.M.  This has helped me gain more responsibility working with younger kids. I did not know that I could handle all of the kids that showed up. In the future this would help me for when I have my own kids, I know some games that I could do with them and I just know what to do with the kids.

G.Y.M is important for New Aiyansh because it lets kids have fun and learn to share with other people. All of the kids enjoyed the games that we as young mentors played with them. I have seen many smiling faces this week that I never seen before.

To the youth… I hope you had a good time this week and I liked that you all listened well and never gave up.