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For the first time in history children are expected to live shorter, less healthy lives than you, their parents.  Growing Young Movers provides valuable resources to support families in ensuring our children live a healthy, productive life.  Learn what Physical Literacy is, as well as what you can do to increase the Physical Literacy level of your child.

Educators & Coaches

A Physically Literate person is confident & able to move competently in a variety of settings.  Through the development of fundamental movement skills, a young mover is self-motivated to actively engage in physical activity.   Educators & coaches play a vital role in supporting this development.  Resources within the site connect to Saskatchewan curriculum and/or the Canadian Sport for Life movement.

Community Leaders

The community plays a vital role in supporting the development of Physical Literacy. Not only can the community assist in the development of fundamental skills for children and youth, the community offers a prime environment for children and youth to participate and express their Physical Literacy. Community leaders can learn ways to contribute to the development of Physical Literacy and provide opportunities for our children and youth.

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For new high school teacher Quinn Anderson, G.Y.M. is a unique program that fills the mâmawêyatitân centre gymnasium with life.   “I really like the energy of the kids,” says Anderson. “After teaching all day, maybe I’ve had a long day and I’m tired, but I’m just awoken when I get in there.”   Anderson started working at Scott Collegiate in September 2020 after making a mark during a university internship placement in 2019.   Anderson spent her childhood surrounded by teachers, both...
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Here at Growing Young Movers, we’ve been working hard to offer safe and fun programming for youth in the community, but unfortunately COVID-19 has made that more difficult than normal.

We were elated to re-open our doors after the recent break to come together again for games, fun, and healthy snacks! Last week we checked in with a few of the kids attending a G.Y.M. after-school care program and got their thoughts about G.Y.M.

Question: What did you miss about G.Y.M. when it was closed...

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