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For the first time in history children are expected to live shorter, less healthy lives than you, their parents.  Growing Young Movers provides valuable resources to support families in ensuring our children live a healthy, productive life.  Learn what Physical Literacy is, as well as what you can do to increase the Physical Literacy level of your child.

Educators & Coaches

A Physically Literate person is confident & able to move competently in a variety of settings.  Through the development of fundamental movement skills, a young mover is self-motivated to actively engage in physical activity.   Educators & coaches play a vital role in supporting this development.  Resources within the site connect to Saskatchewan curriculum and/or the Canadian Sport for Life movement.

Community Leaders

The community plays a vital role in supporting the development of Physical Literacy. Not only can the community assist in the development of fundamental skills for children and youth, the community offers a prime environment for children and youth to participate and express their Physical Literacy. Community leaders can learn ways to contribute to the development of Physical Literacy and provide opportunities for our children and youth.

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At Regina’s Scott Collegiate, the 2020/2021 school year will be full of face masks, hand sanitizer, and social distancing, but students are still excited to get back to the classes they love. 

Grade twelve student Keshia Hanson says that she’s looking forward to getting her credits and working towards her goal of applying to an art school. 

“I really want to get into either an arts school or animation school once I graduate,” says Hanson. “I have two classes this year that I’m...

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A new Indigenous youth-centred research project is underway at GYM. 

The study, entitled “Narrative Inquiry into the Experiences of Indigenous High School Students Enrolled within a Youth Leadership Pathway”, focuses on exploring the experiences of Indigenous youth leaders who are involved in the Youth Leadership Pathway and GYM after-school programming. The primary objective is to examine, in a holistic sense, the way these Indigenous youth leaders compose their lives and view the...

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